Custom color-coding of SynGO ontologies

This tool adresses a more advanced use-case of SynGO as compared to the generic geneset analysis tool on the front page. Here you can color-code the SynGO sunburst figures by numeric values that you provide and fiddle with various plot parameters.
Input is either a list of "gene & numeric value" pairs, or "SynGO ontology term ID & numeric value" pairs.
Optionally, provide three numerical values to create a color gradient suitable for your input data. If you leave any color-break value empty, we'll compute this from your provided data. Click any of the colors to open a color-picker, this allows you to change the color-coding of your data.
After providing your input above, click here to color-code the sunburst plot. Once statisfied, click 'download figure' to store the sunburst plot as an SVG file.