This tool can map various protein/gene IDs into gene identifiers and symbols. For instance, to find respective gene symbols for a list of Ensembl genes, or convert human UniProt protein accessions to HGNC gene IDs and symbols.

A third-party webservice is used to perform ID conversion, as detailed here. Phylogenetic mapping is not supported in this tool yet. So if your input data are not human protein/gene IDs and you want to use the SynGO geneset analysis tool, you should use external tools (eg; biomart) to retrieve human orthologs for now (alternatively you can try using mouse/rat gene symbols as input for the SynGO geneset analysis, but beware of mismatches where gene symbols aren't the same between orthologs).

Using this tool:
  1. copy/paste your protein/gene IDs into the textarea below
  2. select the respective ID type and species from drowdown menus. note; your input must be of a single ID type and species
  3. press 'start ID conversion' to start
  4. store the results by clicking 'download', please re-use these in future analyses
  5. For now, you can immediately copy results to the clipboard. Next time around, you can re-use the downloaded ID mapping table.
When using this resource, please cite: Koopmans et al., 2019, Neuron. PMID:31171447.

version: 12-12-2020